About Us


We are passionate about providing amazing digital experiences through creativity and technology. We truly think websites do matter and that is the reason why we create responsive webs, impressive graphic design and emblematic logos. Our philosophy of work is based on design and functionality at the same time, because just attractiveness of  design is not enough to get outstanding online results.

Making Digital Products Useful & Necessary.

We aim to touch 3 important points: usability, functionality and navigation. Consequently, you will get beautifully designed, productive and as intuitive as possible digital pieces.


Aim to provide ultimate UX for your web and mobile sites, we influence a very important metric: sales.


Since we have passed business goals and brainstorming phase, site building is a quick job


We love to find out more about the customer so we can deliver realiable digital products that counts for many years


We like to offer value first and that’s why we carefully study the market and consumer behavior


We love our job and we make it personal. We believe in quality design, creative thinking and the power of good ideas. We feel responsible for all our digital projects and strive on them until they work and look astonishing. Our purpose: to create experiences. 

Web Designer


I believe a great design can make a good idea even a better one. Businesses must differentiate through UX and beautifully designed websites



For me every project is a new challenge and even if it seems somehow alike, they still have different objectives and expectations behind I have to check them out

Project manager


I love to mix together creative people and clients’ needs from real life. To deliver outstanding results, to study the problem on all sides and stay close to the client.

Copy writer


I believe in real stories, those stories brands agree to tell the customers about them. Their mission, what they are aiming at, how they intend to improve their customers’ lives, all truth.

Web designer


For me UX says it all. My inspiration is infinite when I’m allowed to turn an old design into something I love first


Copy writer


I believe in the value -added offered to the clients, especially in our highly specialized field, with such SF tools. I’m here to translate SF into reality.


The clients we have worked so far in the retail, automotive, healthcare and alternative medicine, fashion industry have appreciated our creativity in delivering solutions that helped them work more easily or grow their businesses..

I admire the level of creativity at Remarked. They have done an excellent job in my jewelry store. They took it out of the physical space and put it online, in an area that I did not know before. Visibility and business increased as soon as they finished my custom site.

D. Teashala

We challanged Remarked, because we needed a website dedicated to an annual event, but no idea how to look like. They participated to all of our brainstorming discussions, analyzed, structured and finally came out a very helpful and user-friendly website.

F. Enache
Architect & CEO

We needed a software for business administration and asked for help. The delivery term has been fairly respected and we've been offered a competitive price. A software has come out. It now helps us save money and do the same work with fewer employees .

A. Mihaila

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet conse ctetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.”

Ribeka Cruz
Founder & CEO


Our customers come from different domains, so we chose to work with designers who follow the trends, are young and creative. We also have a creative hub where we attract young students and work together to always give a fresh breath to new projects.

Have a project? Let's talk!

The first part of the process is to know your dreams and aspirations. Think about your biggest goal and give it to us. Further, what type of clients you intend to serve, how is your ideal client? What kind of pain your are about to solve?